Guidance Notes - Recruitment Fees and Related Costs (Chinese)

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04 oct 2022

Guidance Notes - Recruitment Fees and Related Costs (Chinese)

指导说明 - 招聘费用和 相关成本

本指导说明作为 IOM 的移民工人雇主指南的一部分,有助于移民工人的雇主了解国际劳工组织对招聘费用和相关成本的定义,识别在劳务移民流程中可能产生的招聘费用和相关成本,以及与招聘机构一同确定透明、可持续的收费价格。


This guidance note, as part of IOM’s Migrant Worker Guidelines for Employers, supports employers of migrant workers in understanding ILO’s definition of recruitment fees and related costs, identifying potential recruitment fees and related costs that may be incurred during the labour migration process and determining a transparent and sustainable price for recruitment with labour recruiters.

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