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01 Dec 2021

World Migration Report 2022: Chapter 3 - Migration and Migrants: Regional Dimensions and Developments

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Chapter 3 provides a discussion of key regional dimensions of, and developments in, migration. The discussion focuses on six United Nations world regions, namely Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Northern America and Oceania.  For each of these regions, the analysis includes: 

  1. An overview and brief discussion of key global migration statistics as well as COVID-19 mobility data, disaggregated as the regional level; and
  2. Succinct descriptions of “key features and developments” in migration in the region, drawing on a wide range of data, information and analyses, including from international organizations, researchers and analysts.

Overall, the chapter points to important differences across regions and subregions, as well as growing complexities in migration dynamics around the world. These differences and complexities highlight similarities and key differences in long-term migration trends, highlighting important opportunities and challenges for supranational and global policymaking.