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04 Dec 2020

Strategic Vision: Setting a Course for IOM

Drafted at the request of the Director General at the beginning of his term, the IOM Strategic Vision represents the Organization’s reflection on its needs and priorities, drawing on a landscape assessment of what the next decade will bring. It sets out how IOM, as an organization, needs to develop over the next five years – from 2019 to 2023 – in order to meet new and emerging responsibilities. The Strategic Vision (IOM document C/110/INF/1) was presented to Member States for discussion during the 110th IOM Council on 26–29 November 2019.

  • Executive summary
  • IOM strategic vision
    • Introduction
    • Vision statement
    • Background
    • Strategic goals
    • IOM’s strategic framework
    • The future migration landscape – what the next decade will bring
    • Strategic priorities
    • Drivers for success