Strategic Vision: Setting a Course for IOM

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04 déc 2020

Strategic Vision: Setting a Course for IOM

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Drafted at the request of the Director General at the beginning of his term, the IOM Strategic Vision represents the Organization’s reflection on its needs and priorities, drawing on a landscape assessment of what the next decade will bring. It sets out how IOM, as an organization, needs to develop over the next five years – from 2019 to 2023 – in order to meet new and emerging responsibilities. The Strategic Vision (IOM document C/110/INF/1) was presented to Member States for discussion during the 110th IOM Council on 26–29 November 2019.

  • Executive summary
  • IOM strategic vision
    • Introduction
    • Vision statement
    • Background
    • Strategic goals
    • IOM’s strategic framework
    • The future migration landscape – what the next decade will bring
    • Strategic priorities
    • Drivers for success