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02 Nov 2022

Migration in North Macedonia: A Country Profile 2021

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The Migration Profile of North Macedonia seeks to provide a concise yet comprehensive overview of the current migration situation in the country. Along with presentation and analysis of relevant statistical data, the Profile also examines the demographic, socioeconomic, cultural and historic context of migration in North Macedonia. Furthermore, it reviews the national institutional and policy framework governing migration and highlights the regional and international cooperation efforts undertaken by the government. Based on this information, the Migration Profile identifies key implications of recent migration trends for policy makers. It concludes with recommendations for enhancing the migration management policy as well as proposals for the Profile’s use in migration policy development.

  • List of tables
  • List of figures
  • Acronyms
  • Preface
  • Executive summary
  • Section A: Characteristics of migrants and migration trends
    • А.1. Key drivers of migration and cross-border mobility
    • A.2. Immigration of foreigners to North Macedonia
    • A.3. Emigration of citizens of North Macedonia
    • A.4. Illegal migration
    • A.5. Asylum seekers and decisions on asylum applicationsA.6. Return migration
    • A.7. Internal migration
  • Section B: Impacts of migration
    • B.1. Impact of migration on the population and human capital development 
    • B.2. Implications of the migration on the workforce and the labour market
    • B.3. Migration and socioeconomic development
    • B.4. Migration, health and the environment
  • Section C: Migration management 
    • C.1. Political framework
    • C.2. Laws and regulations (national legislation, regional and international instruments)
    • C.3. Institutional framework
    • C.4. International cooperation
  • Section D: Key findings, the migration policy impact and recommendations
    • D.1. Main findings on current trends, the impacts of migration and migration policies
    • D.2. Recommendations related to the Government’s migration management framework 
    • D.3. Recommendations for incorporating migration issues in sectoral policies
    • D.4. Recommendations for improving migration statistics and the overall evidence base
  • Annexes
  • Bibliography