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11 Oct 2018

Migration and the 2030 Agenda: A Guide for Practitioners

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This guide is designed to serve government actors, both national and local, involved in any process of Sustainable Development Goal implementation, including those working specifically in migration, and those working in other sectors who are interested in integrating migration. It is also for government actors working in the migration field who wish to integrate the SDGs into their work.

The focus of this guide is to help policymakers implement the migration aspects of the SDGs. Policymakers can use this guide to integrate migration into local or national development planning, by designing and implementing interventions that relate to migration in the context of the SDGs. These interventions may take the form of legislation, policies, programmes, projects or other activities, and may relate to core migration topics or integrate migration into activities in another sector. For example, policymakers may use this guide to design interventions that directly address human trafficking, as well as interventions in the health sector that help protect victims of trafficking.

For actors with experience in migration mainstreaming, this guide offers a new approach that is based on the 2030 Agenda. For those with no experience in migration mainstreaming, it offers an introduction on how migration and development are linked in the context of the SDGs, and how to take action around these connections.

It is accompanied by two complementary tools that helps illustrate linkages between migration and the SDGs: (i) a comprehensive booklet which outlines the linkages between migration and each SDG and (ii) a poster which summarizes these linkages.

  • Introduction
  • Section 1: Overview of Migration in the 2030 Agenda
  • Section 2: Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Kick-Off
  • Prioritization
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring And Reporting
  • Case Studies
  • Annexes