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05 Oct 2015

IOM Kenya Strategic Plan: 2012-2014

Over the past several years he IOM office in Kenya has experienced a period of significant growth. This growth has reflected IOM Kenya’s diversification of activities beyond its traditional focus on refugee resettlement programmes and into IOM’s other areas of competency including migrant assistance, immigration and border management, migration and development, operations and emergencies, labour and facilitated migration, and migration health. 

This strategic plan was developed to define IOM’s work in Kenya over the next two years by outlining IOM Kenya’s vision and mission, establishing its strategic objectives, and developing its plan for achieving these objectives. The strategic plan also aims to establish a system for managing IOM’s performance in Kenya through the elaboration of systems for managing risk, monitoring implementation, and evaluating impact. This strategy was developed in support of, and in line with, national priorities and IOM’s global, continental, regional, and sub-regional strategies, and will be implemented in coordination and partnership with national and international agencies.

  • Foreword by IOM Kenya Chief of Mission
  • Introduction
  • Strategic objectives
  • Action plan
  • Risk management framework
  • Monitoring, evaluation and feedback