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20 oct 2015

Notes on migration and development in the global South: Emerging issues and responses

The ACP Observatory on Migration has compiled in this thematic report thirteen background notes looking at innovative aspects of South–South migration. Based upon research carried out during three years, these documents analyse emerging aspects of migration in ACP countries. Four major approaches are covered: Setting the scene on South–South migration; labour migration, remittances and development; the social and cultural side of South–South migration; and the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by migrants.

The chapters of this report include an overview of available information on each topic as well as innovative policy responses implemented in ACP countries. The objective is to inform the public debate on the latests trends of South–South migration and to promote discussions on potential measures and opportunities available to overcome present and future challenges in migration governance.

  • List of tables, graphs and figures
  • I. Setting the scene
    • 1. South–South extraregional migration: An overview of emerging trends
    • 13. South–South return migration: Challenges and opportunities
    • 27. Slowly, but surely: The environment, climate change and migration in ACP countries
  • II. Labour migration, development and remittances
    • 39. Facilitating labour migration for development: Opportunities and  challenges of South–South labour migration
    • 49. Remittances in the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries
    • 61. Migration, remittances and development in Africa: The case of  lusophone countries
    • 73. Money money services: «A bank in your pocket»: An overview of trends and opportunities
  • III. The social and cultural side of South–South migration
    • 85. Transnational families and the social and gender impact of mobility in ACP countries
    • 97. The migration of children in ACP countries: Of their own free will or involuntary?
    • 107. Migration girls in West Africa: The case of Senegal
  • IV. Tackling the vulnerabilities
    • 119. The right(s) thing to do: Migration, development and human rights in  ACP countries
    • 129. Global phenomenon, invisible cases: Human trafficking in sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific
    • 137. The evidence behind the picture: Irregular migration in ACP countries and the global South
    • 151. Bibliography and further readings