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15 oct 2015

Migration Initiatives Appeal 2007

Migration is increasingly recognized as a key global phenomenon with significant local impact. Its multi-faceted and cross-cutting nature requires it to be analyzed and addressed with due regard to related policy spheres such as development, trade, human rights, disaster response, health and the environment, among others, at the national, regional and global levels.

While IOM is the only inter-governmental organization with a mandate exclusively focused on migration, it works systematically with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners in carrying out a full range of migration services which assist in meeting the operational challenges of migration management.

This issue of Migration Initiatives provides an overview of IOM’s wide thematic as well as geographic range of work. Some migration issues are of an ongoing nature, while others, specifically those related to disaster and conflict, are less predictable. The diversity of projects illustrated in this document is a reflection of the variety of challenges posed by migration. IOM’s decentralized structure of country offices, missions with regional functions and special liaison missions is specifically designed to respond to the multitude of different migration needs on the ground. It is through the combination of international and local expertise that IOM strives to address each project effectively.

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