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03 oct 2015

Labour Migration in Asia: Protection of Migrant Workers, Support Services and Enhancing Development Benefits

This is the second volume of Labour Migration in Asia. The first volume (2003) looked at trends, challenges and policy responses in countries of origin. This volume describes and makes an assessment of specific initiatives in selected countries of origin to (1)protect migrant workers through the regulation of recruitment and setting of minimum standards in employment contracts, (2)provide support services to migrant workers through pre-departure orientation and a welfare fund and (3)enhance the development benefits of labour migration through training, skills development and remittances.

The articles are written by labour migration specialists and practitioners from the countries concerned and have been commissioned by IOM, the Department for International Development (UK) and the Asian Development Bank.


  • Introduction
  • Regulatory Frameworks for Recruitment of Migrant Workers and Minimum Standards in Employment Contracts: A Comparative Study of Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka
  • Pre-departure Orientation Programme: Study of Good Practices in Asia - A Comparative Study of Bangladesh, the Philippines and Sri Lanka 
  • Welfare Funds for Migrant Workers - A Comparative Study of Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka 
  • Policies and Institutions for Training and Skills Development of Migrant Labour 
  • Migrant Workers’ Remittances - Flows, Utilization, Policies and Prospects: The Case of Bangladesh 
  • External Migration and Remittances: Trends, Policies, Impact and Development Potential - The Case of India