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24 mai 2016

Assessment of Border Crossing Points in the Volta and Western Regions and Training Capacity of Ghana Immigration Service

The assessment report is produced under the Ghana Integrated Migration Management Approach (GIMMA) project, funded by the European Union and jointly implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Ghana Immigration Service (GIS). 

The aim of this assessment report is to identify the existing practices and priority needs of border crossing points (BCPs) in Ghana and training needs and gaps for border patrol officers. The findings and recommendations will enable the GIMMA project to provide items, equipment and capacity-building support to five identified border posts for effective border management. 

Findings common to all the BCPs assessed are poorly maintained and inadequate infrastructure, unreliable communications, lack of serviceable transport, lack of basic amenities, such as electricity and water, and limited access to management information. On the issue of training, staff had received little, and in most cases, no training at all aside from the initial basic intake training provided in the training school. 

Detailed recommendations for provision of facilities and equipment, enhancement of general operations, improvement in conditions of service and information technology have been provided in the report to address border management challenges. A training plan has also been developed and recommended as an annex to this report.

  • Executive summary
  • CHAPTER 1 – Environment and assessment background
  • CHAPTER 2 – The Immigration Service Academy and Training School
  • CHAPTER 3 – Operations and operational procedures
  • CHAPTER 4 – Information systems and technology
  • CHAPTER 5 – Findings and recommendations
  • ANNEX A – Training action points and recommendations
  • ANNEX B – List of consultations