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23 Nov 2022

Zambia National Remittances Study: Report

Following the launch of the Zambia Diaspora Policy in 2019, findings from the online survey of this Zambia National Remittances Study suggest that awareness of the policy among Zambia’s diaspora is quite low. The findings also point to the fact that the implementation of the diaspora policy needs strengthening to resolve some of the outstanding challenges and constraints facing Zambians in the diaspora. This Zambia National Remittances Study contributes to the realization of the2019 Zambia Diaspora Policy’s overall objective of integrating the diaspora in the country’s development agenda by creating an enabling environment and platform for effective participation of the Zambian diaspora in national development, and promote their rights, interests and welfare abroad. The policy seeks to harness the Zambian diaspora as a resource for national development.

  • List of text boxes, figures and tables
  • List of acronyms and abbreviations
  • Executive summary
  • 1. Introduction and background
    • 1.1. Introduction
    • 1.2. The 2019 Zambia Diaspora Policy
    • 1.3. Terms of reference
    • 1.4. Overview of Zambia’s migration situation and implications for remittances
    • 1.5. Structure of the report
  • 2. Literature review – Migration, remittances and development
    • 2.1. The concept of remittances
    • 2.2. Controversies and debates on remittances and (country of origin)
    • development
    • 2.3. Global trends and patterns of remittances
  • 3. Methodology
  • 4. Comparative analysis – Reference countries’ remittances policies, institutional, regulatory and best practices and programmatic interventions
    • 4.1. Reference countries’ diaspora and remittance policies, institutional and regulatory frameworks
    • 4.2. Remittances inflows trends in the five African reference countries compared to Zambia: 2000–2020
    • 4.3. Diaspora engagement in national development: Lessons from sub-Saharan Africa comparator countries’ experiences
  • 5. Zambia 2021 diaspora remittances survey findings
    • 5.1. Characteristics of the respondents
      • 5.1.1. Zambia diaspora remittances patterns
      • 5.1.2. Remittance costs and channels
      • 5.1.3. Awareness of the 2019 Zambia Diaspora Policy, its implementation and other government diaspora engagement programmes and activities
      • 5.1.4. COVID-19 pandemic remittances impact
  • 6. Conclusions and recommendations
    • 6.1. Conclusions
    • 6.2. Recommendations
  • Appendix
  • References