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01 Dec 2021

World Migration Report 2022: Chapter 11 - Artificial intelligence, migration and mobility: implications for policy and practice

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This chapter examines the implications of AI for policy and practice in the context of migration and mobility through the prism of the existing international human rights framework of rules, standards and principles. This is important because of the potential for human rights to be eroded – or bolstered – as a result of the design, development, implementation and expansion of AI technologies around the world.

The use of AI throughout the “migration cycle” is examined, with reflections on key strategic challenges and opportunities in this important area of new technology, including as it relates to the “future of work” and long-term migration trends. While AI can certainly bring about a series of advantages for policy and practice, there are a range of risks to State and non-State actors (including migrants) that need to be carefully managed, especially from regulatory and human rights perspectives.