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07 May 2018

World Migration Report 2018 (Chinese)

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Since 2000, IOM has been producing world migration reports. This World Migration Report 2018, the ninth in the world migration report series, has been produced to contribute to increased understanding of migration throughout the world.

It presents key data and information on migration as well as thematic chapters on highly topical migration issues, and is structured to focus on two key contributions for readers: Part I: key information on migration and migrants (including migration-related statistics); and Part II: balanced, evidence-based analysis of complex and emerging migration issues.

  • Editorial, review and production team
  • Acknowledgements
  • Contributors
  • Photographs
  • List of figures and tables
  • List of appendices
  • Foreword
    • Chapter 1 – Report overview: Making sense of migration in an increasingly interconnected world
  • Part I: Data and information on migration
    • Chapter 2 – Migration and migrants: A global overview
    • Chapter 3 – Migration and migrants: Regional dimensions and developments
    • Chapter 4 – Migration research and analysis: Growth, reach and recent contributions
  • Part II: Complex and emerging migration issues
    • Chapter 5 – Global migration governance frameworks: Existing architecture and recent developments
    • Chapter 6 – Mobility, migration and transnational connectivity
    • Chapter 7 – Understanding migration journeys from migrants’ perspectives
    • Chapter 8 – Media reporting of migrants and migration
    • Chapter 9 – Migration, violent extremism and social exclusion
    • Chapter 10 – Migrants and cities: Stepping beyond World Migration Report 2015
  • References
  • Appendices