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17 Nov 2017

World Migration Report 2018: Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Mobility, migration and transnational connectivity

World Migration Report 2018:

Recent advances in transportation and telecommunications technology have heralded massive changes in how we access information and interact globally in real time. Increasing transnational connectivity is shaping how people move internationally in ways that were not previously possible. Chapter 6 examines what this increasing transnational connectivity means for mobility and migration and how related processes are being shaped. Following a brief overview of the key advances in transportation and telecommunications technology globally, the chapter discusses how transnational connectivity is affecting migration processes via impacts on migrants, non-State actors and States.

The chapter provides examples of how transnational connectivity can affect these different migration actors and concludes with implications for migration governance some of which include: (a) continued investments in developing technologies that can be used by migrants to avoid dangerous and possibly deadly migration pathways, as well as abuse and exploitation;   (b) the necessity of further research on the impact on human rights of the indiscriminate sharing of personal data to support more effective policy responses, including on global governance of migration; and greater recognition of the role of technology in migration management in the development of global responses, such as the 2018 global compact for migration.