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02 Oct 2023

Using Natural Experiments in Crises: Lessons for Evaluation - IMPACT Study Report #5

This report elaborates on the usefulness and potential for natural experiment-based evaluation approaches in contexts that are prone to shocks or in which shocks have already occurred. The report also provides practical lessons for those interested in conducting such types of studies, based on the experience of the natural experiment-based evaluation presented in IMPACT Study Report #2.

  • List of Acronyms 
  • Introduction 
    • Background 
    • Rationale 
  • Benefits of Natural Experiments as Evaluative Tools 
    • Natural experiments provide real-life evidence of an intervention being stress-tested 
    • Natural experiments can provide a broader perspective than programme-centric evaluations 
    • Natural experiments can be more suited to dynamic and shock-prone contexts than traditional evaluative methods 
  • Lessons Learned From the Natural Experiment-based Evaluation Conducted in the Context of the IMPACT Study 
    • Defining the study population 
    • Adapting to the realities of data collection 
  • Key Considerations for Integrating Natural Experiments Approaches in Future Evaluations 
    • Consider natural experiments when designing evaluations 
    • Increase feasibility of natural experiments through data collection efficiencies 
    • Raise the profile of natural experiments in evaluation 
  • Concluding Remarks