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08 Oct 2015

UN.GIFT, Human Trafficking and Business: Good Practices to prevent and combat Human Trafficking

This brochure presents an overview and introduction to human trafficking and the role that business can play in addressing it. It explains in practical terms what human trafficking is, why it is an issue for business and what companies large and small can do to take action against it.

Divided into two parts, this brochure (1) presents a section that gives an overview of the key issues linking human trafficking and business; and (2) a series of case studies that highlight the practical actions companies are taking to fight this abuse.

  • Introduction
  • What is human trafficking?
  • Why is human trafficking an issue for business?
  • Human trafficking and the global economy
  • What can business do to address human trafficking?
  • Contact us
  • Further information
  • Case Studies
  • #1 Addressing human trafficking and child labour in West African cocoa
  • #2 Mobilizing business in the fight against human trafficking
  • #3 Partnerships to prevent trafficking in India
  • #4 Responsible tourism: Protecting children vulnerable to sexual exploitation and trafficking
  • #5 Public Private Partnerships to combat human trafficking
  • #6 The Body Shop & ECPAT “Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People” Campaign