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15 Jan 2020

Training Manual on Counter Migrant Smuggling

This manual is a practical guide to providing hands-on training on countering migrant smuggling for both practitioners and those new to the thematic area. Developed by experts from IOM’s African Capacity Building Centre (ACBC), the manual is an Africa-oriented tool which seeks to address the issue of migrant smuggling on the continent with a focus on the West African region.

The training curriculum has been crafted to build the capacity of government officials – including law enforcement officers – to respond to the burgeoning threat of smuggling of migrants on the African continent. It has been designed both as a Training of Trainers (ToT) tool and as a tool for facilitators to use in different training settings. The curriculum comes with a set of training exercises, flashcards and mini-quizzes at the end of each Module, which can also be used for self-paced learning. The curriculum consists of:

  • Module I: Concepts and Categories
  • Module II: Investigation
  • Module III: Smuggling of Migrants by Sea
  • Module IV: Cooperation in Combating Migrant Smuggling
  • Module V: Smuggling of Migrants by Air and Land
  • Module VI: Cooperation in Combating and Preventing the Phenomenon