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09 Oct 2015

Trafficking: Current Issues. Manual for Consuls (Armenian)

This booklet was prepared as a guide on counter-trafficking for consular officers from the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stationed throughout the world.

Prepared within the framework of the “Capacity Building for the Consular Personnel in Counter-Trafficking: Armenia” Project funded by the US DoS Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs

  • Background
  • Trafficking in Armenia
  • On the US Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report
  • What has been done in Armenia to Combat Trafficking?
  • Guide for consular personnel in foreign countries
  • How to assist the victims of Trafficking?
  • 10 Main Principles of Ethics and Safety for Interviewing Trafficked Women (WHO Ethical and Safety Recommendations For Interviewing Trafficked Women)
  • IOM Assistance to Victims of Trafficking (including information on readmission agreements)
  • Appendix 1:  Contacts of IOM Offices worldwide
  • Appendix 2:  Contacts of Embassies of the Republic of Armenia aboard
  • Appendix 3:  List and contacts of Organizations working in the area of Counter-Trafficking in Armenia
  • References
  • Recommended Further Literature

This publication has been issued without formal editing by the Publications Unit of IOM.