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19 Apr 2023

The State of Migration in East and Horn of Africa Report 2022

The report points to the transformative potential of regional integration and human mobility for the socioeconomic development of the region. Trade and labour mobility are some of the key benefits of regional integration and human mobility. Integrated border management, especially through One-Stop Border Posts (OSBPs), and the digitalization of operations are enablers of cross-border movement of people, goods and services. Access to health and sustainable reintegration are essential to ensure cross-border movements are safe, while climate change impacts the mobility of persons. Gender considerations and equity are critical for regional integration and safe, orderly and regular human mobility. The analysis of the report is informed by EAC’s Common Market Protocol (CMP), and IGAD’s Free Movement of Persons Protocol (FMP) as well as existing bilateral arrangements between Member States. The Report puts forward policy suggestions for consideration by Member States, the East African Community (EAC), Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and other partners to advance human mobility that is safe, orderly and regular, and contributes to the socioeconomic development and regional integration. The report is co-published by IOM, EAC and IGAD.

  • Editorial, review and production team
  • Acknowledgements
  • List of abbreviations
  • Glossary
  • Authors and contributors
  • Foreword
  • Executive summary
  • Part 1: Context and background
    • Chapter 1 Introduction
    • Chapter 2 Trends of migration and mobility
  • Part 2: Benefits of regional integration and human mobility
    • Chapter 3 Trade integration and mobility
    • Chapter 4 Regional integration for labour mobility
  • Part 3: Making human mobility safe
    • Chapter 5 Fostering inclusive and migration-responsive health systems
    • Chapter 6 Regional integration, human mobility and climate change
    • Chapter 7 Orderly migration and sustainable reintegration
    • Chapter 8 Advancing gender equality and human mobility
  • Part 4: Enablers of regional integration and human mobility
  • Chapter 9 The nexus between regional integration and mobility: Integrated bordermanagement as an enabler?
    • Chapter 10 Digitalization and human mobility
    • Chapter 11 Complementarity of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration and the mobility dimensions of regional integration
    • Chapter 12 Conclusion