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20 Oct 2015

The State of Environmental Migration 2014

A Review of 2013

The State of Environmental Migration series gathers the expertise of researchers, students and professionals to provide an annual assessment of the changing nature and dynamics of environment- and climate-related migration throughout the world.

The State of Environmental Migration 2014: Review of the Year 2013 is the fourth of the annual publications aiming to enhance understanding of natural disasters, sudden natural onset events and slow onset events, and their links to human mobility. The publication is not only focused on 2013 events but also considers the longer-term impacts of a natural event on migration, as they can be assessed with the state of knowledge existing in 2013. It also reviews the developments at policy level relating to migration, climate and the environment. Written in collaboration with students enrolled in the environment and migration course at the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) of Sciences Po, this report examines the issue of environmental migration, by analysing case studies selected by students.

IOM is particularly concerned with human mobility matters in the context of environmental degradation and a changing climate. This new volume of the State of Environmental Migration is also part of IOM’s commitment to provide information and knowledge on different environmental migration issues and to engage with academic partners in the development of research, data and publications. 

  • Introduction
  • Asia
    • Recovery and return after typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda
    • One typhoon after another: Viet Nam in Fall 2013
    • Assessing the evolvements and impacts of environmental migration in Inner Mongolia
    • Exploring social vulnerability and environmental migration in Urmia Lake of Iran: Comparative insights from the Aral Sea
  • Africa
    • Angola’s Migration of Thirst: The 2013 Drought
    • Leaving drought and hunger behind: out-migration from Karamoja, Uganda
  • The Americas
    • Newtok: struggle, survival and recovery
    • Earthquake-induced internal displacement and cross-border migration on Hispaniola in 2013
    • The Haitian Migration Flow to Brazil: Aftermath of the 2010 Earthquake
    • The 2013 Colorado Wildfires
    • Floods and displacement in Bolivia
  • Europe
    • The Impact of Displacement in the 2013/2014 Southern England Winter Floods
  • Special section
    • Gilgel Gibe III: Dam-Induced Displacement in Ethiopia and Kenya
    • Water management in Thailand: dams and the voice of the affected and displaced people