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07 Oct 2015

The State of Environmental Migration 2010

This volume is intended to be the first of an annual series, which will aim to provide the reader with regularly updated qualitative assessments on the changing nature and dynamics of environmental migration throughout the world. The idea for it stemmed from the course «Environment and Migration», taught at the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) of Sciences Po. The course, which is thought to be the first of its kind in the world, examines the complex relationship between environmental change and migration flows. For their final assignment, students were asked to select and analyse a case of environmental migration, be it a sudden and violent natural disaster or a slow-onset environmental degradation. The best of these papers have been selected and edited, and are presented in this volume. Most of them constitute the first detailed analyses of the migration flows that were induced by some of the most dramatic events oof 2010, paving the way for future scholarly works.

  • Foreword by Laurence Tubiana
  • Foreword by Shahidul Haque
  • Editors and Contributors
  • Part 1 - Emerging Catastrophes
  • Part 2 - On-going Crises
  • Conclusion