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15 Jul 2021

Southern Africa – Regional Strategy 2020–2024

The IOM Regional Strategy for Southern Africa aims to support governments, in line with national and regional priorities and leveraging the potential of migration through a whole-of-government approach to achieve sustainable development outcomes for all. It realizes the scope for forced displacement due to natural and man-made hazards in the region and pursues strategic objectives, grounded in resilience, mobility and governance, to facilitate sustainable development. 
The Regional Strategy is a direct contribution of IOM to the Decade of Action to fast-track progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Acknowledging the dynamic human mobility and interwoven solidarity in the region, it enables IOM to support institutional development, strengthen existing frameworks for cooperation and establish cross-regional partnerships. The Regional Strategy will serve as the Organization’s gateway to enhancing the migration landscape in Southern Africa and assisting the region’s efforts in “building back better” from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Foreword 
  • Acronyms 
  • 1. Introduction  
  • 2. Political and institutional outlook for the region 
  • 3. Migration outlook for the region 
  • 4. Regional objectives and strategic priorities  
    • 4.1. Focus areas and objectives 
    • 4.2. Strategic priorities 
  • 5. Institutional development  
    • 5.1. Policy capacity 
    • 5.2. Knowledge management, including research and data collection  
    • 5.3. Monitoring, evaluation and data 
    • 5.4. Communications and visibility  
    • 5.5. Staff development 
  • 6. Concluding statement: IOM in the region in 2024 
  • Annex: IOM in Southern Africa