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22 Feb 2022

Social Protection – An Operational Tool for the Humanitarian, Development and Peace Nexus: Linkages between Cash-based

Interventions and Social Protection in Humanitarian and Non-humanitarian Settings

This paper explores linkages between cash-based interventions (CBIs) and social protection in humanitarian and non-humanitarian settings, focusing on linkages between humanitarian aid and sustainable social protection for migrants, including communities affected by forced displacement such as internally displaced persons and refugees, climate change events or economic factors. Many of these target groups are effectively undocumented and reliant on humanitarian aid, informal economic activity, and informal forms of social protection to generate income and for economic survival. The paper focuses on the Middle East and North America region (MENA) but draws from experiences elsewhere in the world and simultaneously reflects on the normative framework from the perspective of international norms and standards. The impact of COVID-19 on migrants and displaced populations in MENA region has emphasized the need for a renewed focus on strengthening the links between CBI and social protection.

  • Acknowledgements
  • List of acronyms and abbreviations
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Humanitarian aid and social protection
    • 2.1. Convergences and divergences
  • 3. Migrants’ access to social protection: Normative considerations
    • 3.1. Links between humanitarian cash-based interventions and social protection systems
  • 4. Links to early recovery and livelihoods 
  • 5. Social protection for migrants in the informal economy
  • 6. COVID-19 social protection responses for migrants in the Middle East and North Africa region
  • 7. Recommendations
  • References
  • Additional reading