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29 Jun 2018

Situation Analysis of Migration Context and Policy Framework in Bangladesh

This Situation Analysis provides an overview of the migration context and policy framework relating to internal and international migration in Bangladesh. It provides a snap shot of the research already undertaken and identifies research gaps that need to be addressed to better understand the development and migration nexus highlighted in this report. The report is divided into four thematic areas based on the Government of Bangladesh’s priority areas: (a) Migration and poverty; (b) Migration and social protection issues; (c) Migration, environment, climate change and disaster management; and (d) Migration and human resource planning. The second section of the report provides an overview of the migration policy framework and importance of mainstreaming migration in the development agenda in Bangladesh.

  • Introduction
  • Part a: Migration and Development Nexus: A Review of the Literature from Bangladesh
    • Brief Overview of International Migration Issues in Bangladesh
    • Migration and Poverty Nexus
    • Migration, Environment, Climate Change and Disaster Management
    • Migration and Social Protection
    • Migration and Human Resource Planning
  • Part B: Mainstreaming Migration in the Development Agenda
    • Migration Governance in Bangladesh
    • Migration Mainstreaming in the Development Strategy of Bangladesh
    • Strategic Policy Documents in Bangladesh
  • Concluding Remarks
  • References