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17 Oct 2015

Self-Help Booklet for Men facing crisis and displacement

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The booklet “Self-Help for Men facing crisis and displacement”, is a new IOM publication developed as an activity of our psychosocial support program in the Syrian Arab Republic and Lebanon, in Arabic and English. 

The booklet, originally meant to be included in distribution packages in the Syrian Arab Republic for hard-to-reach populations, is the result of several focus groups with men conducted for IOM by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, the work of two consultants and several revisions from the Psychosocial Section and our expert network.

The booklet is meant to be an easy educational tool for adult males, helping them to understand the roots of the distress they may face, destigmatize it and learn some easy ways to alleviate it through venting and socialization, also in relation to their roles towards spouses and children. It aims to cover a void. Most psychosocial activities are indeed centered on women and children, while very little is offered to men, who are often in need due to issues related with the loss of traditional roles, but are less forthcoming in seeking help.