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05 Oct 2015

Review of Migration Management in the Republic of Armenia - Assessment Mission Report (Armenian)

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The study is the final product of the comprehensive review of migration management in the Republic of Armenia, which was initiated by the Government of the Republic of Armenia and conducted by the International Organization for Migration and the Swedish Migration Board.

The assessment analyses Armenian policies, legislation, structures, procedures and technical capacity related to migration and makes recommendations for the reforms of both the immigration and emigration policies. 
The findings of the report served as reference for the strategy on state regulation of migration management in Armenia and multi-annual national plan of action for migration and asylum, formulated by the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

The review was conducted and the study was published within the framework of the EC funded regional programme “Informed Migration – An Integrated Approach to Promoting Legal Migration through National Capacity Building and Inter-regional Dialogue between the South Caucasus and the EU.”

  • Section I - Introduction
    •     A. Executive Summary
    •     B. Background and justification
    •     C. Methodology
  • Section II – Assessment Mission’s Findings and Recommendations
    •     D. Current Overview of Migration Trends in Armenia
    •     E. Migration Policy
    •     F. Migration-related legislation
    •     G. Administrative Structure of Migration Management
    •     H. Enforcement and Operational Mechanisms
    •     J. Concluding remarks and next steps
  • Annex 1. Abridged Terms of Reference
  • Annex 2. Schedules of Meetings
  • Annex 3. List of International Treaties on Migration-Related Issues
  • Annex 4. Acronyms used