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17 Oct 2015

Review and Needs Assessment of Readmission Management in Armenia

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The Review examines the issues of readmission management and implementation of readmission agreements by Armenia. It focuses on the legislation in place in Armenia and the cooperation of the various State bodies in processing of the readmission cases, as well as implementation practice of Armenia’s readmission agreements. The Review provides recommendations on various aspects of effective management of readmission cases. The Review served as a basis for the development of the IOM READMIT Manual and the digital course on Readmission elaborated by the IOM.

The Report was prepared within the framework of the regional project funded by the European Commission and the IOM Development Fund, “Supporting the establishment of effective readmission management in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia” and the regional project funded by the IOM Development Fund, “Building capacity of government structures in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia for the effective management of readmission and return”.