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14 Jun 2023

Recent Migration Movements in South America – Annual Report 2022

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The report on "Recent Migration Movements in South America" is a joint collaboration between the MERCOSUR Specialized Forum on Migration, the Associated States, and IOM. This edition gathers migration data for 2021 provided by migratory authorities of the signatory countries of the MERCOSUR Residency Agreement and shows comparatively updated official data on the main patterns of human mobility in the region, which are relevant for the evaluation and adequate monitoring of the configuration of historical trends, contrasted by the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Annual Report 2022. Migratory Specialized Forum of Mercosur and Associated States 
  • Evidence base as a principle for migration governance
  • Introduction
  • Migration trends and the pandemic
  • Residencies granted in the period 2015–2021
  • Residencies granted within the framework of the MERCOSUR Residency Agreement for the
  • period 2009–2021
  • Movements of people
  • Conclusion
  • Annexes
  • Bibliography and sources