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10 Oct 2019

Project Development Manual for Migrants' Associations: Global Development Agents

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The “Project Development Manual for Migrants’ Association” systematizes the experience that IOM Italy has gained over the years in the organization of the A.MI.CO. – Migration Associations for Co-Development - training courses, developing a specific model explicitly tailored on the needs and specificities of migrants’ associations. The volume is a collection of theoretical knowledge and practical tools for the design and implementation of co-development projects aimed at building the capacities of the associations and support them in the process of becoming transnational development agents.

The manual is divided into the following modules:

• Module 1 – How to develop a project

• Module 2 – The budget: quantifying the project cost and managing the financial resources

• Module 3 –  With whom should I join forces to achieve change? Building the partnership

• Module 4 – Implementing the project

• Module 5 – Communicating the project: why it is important and how you should proceed

• Module 6 – Evaluation: an opportunity for improvement