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17 Mar 2023

Private Sector Engagement Strategy 2023–2027

Migration is not only a whole-of-government issue but also a whole-of-society issue. To truly harness the potential of human mobility while upholding the rights of migrants, the private sector would be an indispensable partner, offering unique skills, knowledge, expertise and resources for tackling today’s pressing humanitarian and development challenges. The work of  IOM with the private sector has significantly increased in the last few years. Notably, the Organization saw record-breaking individual donations in 2022, as well as the private sector offering material relief assistance and services, including life-saving technology, housing and other support to displaced persons around the world and the communities that host them. Partnering with the private sector has been and remains critical to seizing the opportunities of migration.       

  • Executive summary
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Goals
  • 3. IOM Advantage
  • 4. Private Sector Engagement Pillars
  • 5. Private Sector Engagement Priorities
  • 6. Outcomes
  • 7. Pathway to 30 million by 2030
  • 8. Drivers of Success
  • 7. Annex