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28 Apr 2017

Passport Examination Procedure Manual (Second Edition)

Passport Examination Procedure Manual (Second Edition)

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Governments recognize that the use of fraudulent documents and identities poses a significant threat to States’ national security and their ability to effectively manage their borders.

The 2016 version of IOM’s Passport Examination Procedures Manual (PEPM) has been developed as an update to the first edition (2007) in response to the development of new security features in the production of identity and travel documents. For example, the new manual now includes sections providing information on biometrically enabled documents with radio frequency identification (RFID) and more detail on the use of polymer substrates. The manual is separated in two main parts: part I centres on travel document production and security features (chapters 1–9), and part II deals with travel document examination (chapters 10–12). In addition, the second edition of PEPM contains a glossary of terms for passport production and security features.

The modules contained within are designed to provide trainees with structured sessions covering both theoretical and practical elements that aim to build their professional capacities. The participatory training methodology, encouraging discussion and reflection, will help in increasing the officers’ capability to detect the fraudulent use of travel documents.

The new edition of PEPM is currently available in Arabic, Azeri, Burmese, English, French, Portuguese, and Turkish. Additional language versions are upcoming. Electronic versions are available in English and French.

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