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11 Mar 2021

OIG Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy 2021–2023

The 2021-2023 Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is a continuation of the first strategy 2018-2020 and takes into account the progress to date as well as the enabling factors and organizational constraints within which OIG will have to operate. The strategy is aligned to the IOM Strategic Vision and the Internal Governance Framework and integrates the implementation of the Multilateral Organization Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN) recommendations on IOM evaluation function.   The main objective of the strategy is to contribute to strengthening IOM’s assessment of evidence and achievements, institutional learning and performance.  It works towards three outcomes: 1) Field offices and Headquarters have a standards-based approach to Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E); 2) Staff have knowledge and capacity to evaluate and monitor; 3) Evaluation is used to drive accountability, learning and decision-making. Through the strategy, OIG intends to build credible, professional and evidence-based M&E functions that contribute to IOM’s organizational effectiveness and achievements as a migration agency and that are supported by an evaluation culture and institutional commitment.