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22 Oct 2015

Nigerian diasporas in the South: Harnessing the potential for national development

This first ever study on the Nigerian diasporas in Ghana and South Africa highlights that the profile of these diasporas is similar to that of Nigerians in Europe and North America in terms of migration push and pull factors, remittance behavior and identification with ‘home’.

In addition to filling various data gaps, the study recommends measures to promote the active involvement of these particular Nigerian diasporas in development initiatives in their country of origin. The empirical evidence on the role of diaspora members residing in the South as development agents makes the study a must read for policymakers, civil society, researchers and all those interested in Nigerian migration issues.

  • List of acronyms
  • List of tables and figures
  • Executive summary
  • Résumé analytique
  • Resumo executivo
  • 1. Introduction and background
    • 1.1 Objectives
  • 2. Literature review
  • 3. Dimensions of the Nigerian diasporas in the South
  • 4. Study methodology
    • 4.1 Questionnaire survey
    • 4.2 Embassy survey
    • 4.3 Key informant interviews
    • 4.4 Challenges and study limitations
  • 5. Study results
    • 5.1 Diaspora profile
    • 5.2 Experiences in the host countries
    • 5.3 Transnational linkages
  • 6. Conclusions and recommendations
  • 7. Bibliographical references