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14 Jun 2023

MRS No. 75 - Challenges and opportunities in rapid situational awareness of Ukrainian displacement to the European Union: Some methodological insights

Authored by Petros Gkotsis, Sara Henriques, Evangelos Koukournesis, Elena Leleki, Constantinos Melachrinos, Maria Papaioannou, and Teddy Wilkin, this Migration Research Series paper highlights four research projects employed by The European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA) that seek to understand displacement from Ukraine to the European Union. The projects range from emergency measures adopted by Member States, new indicators on registrations for temporary protection, approaches to forecasting, and an online survey of displaced Ukrainians detailing demographics, their country of origina dn destination, and their future aspirations. The paper concludes with reflections on lessons learned noting future considerations for research timelines, interdisciplinary research teams, and the involvement of Member State experts.