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16 Jun 2022

MRS No. 71 – The “eighth phase” of Afghan displacement: Situating the top ten issues for policymakers

The grim situation facing Afghans living in Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan as well as further afield is a direct result of recent (geo)political events, including the withdrawal of coalition forces in August 2021, the swift fall of the Afghan Government and the equally swift Taliban takeover. However, the longer-term human (in)security, development, economic and demographic contexts underpin decades of displacement and migration of Afghans within the immediate region of West Asia as well as further afield to countries such as Germany, the United States of America, Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands and Canada. Authored by Mohib Iqbal and Marie McAuliffe, it is within the context of multiple ‘waves’ of Afghan displacement and migration that the authors outline the ten most critical issues facing policymakers in seeking solutions to the current or new “eighth phase” of Afghan displacement.