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07 Nov 2015

MRS No. 11 - Journeys of Jeopardy: A Review of Research on Trafficking in Women and Children in Europe

In this report, Professor Elizabeth Kelly assesses the current state of knowledge on the trafficking of women and children in Europe. She concludes that despite the growing interest and concern, information on the scale of trafficking, the methods used, and the most effective means to counter it, remains limited. To advance our current knowledge, Professor Kelly identifies a number of priorities for further research, including on the structure of and the methods used by criminal groups, on state compliance with relevant international law, and an evaluation of the effectiveness of counter-trafficking initiatives. This report was presented at the European Conference on Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Human Beings: A Global Challenge for the 21st Century, held under the auspices of IOM and the European Commission, in September 2002 in Brussels, Belgium.


  • Introduction
  • The Review: Aims and Sources
  • The Particular Challenges Involved in Studying Trafficking in Women
  • The Vexed Question of Definitions and Language
  • Current Baseline Data
  • The Causes of Trafficking
  • The Organization of Trafficking: Flows, Routes and Recruitment
  • Sexual Exploitation and its Consequences
  • A Focus on the Traffickers and Exploiters
  • Prevention and Awareness Raising
  • Assessing Counter-Trafficking Strategies
  • Gaps in Knowledge - New Research Agendas
  • Linking Local and Global Knowledge