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22 Jan 2018

More than numbers - How migration data can deliver real-life benefits for migrants and governments

Produced by the Global Migration Data Analysis Centre (GMDAC) of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), in collaboration with McKinsey & Company, the report More Than Numbers takes us beyond the well-known challenges of migration data and illustrates its potential value. The authors estimate that better data could boost benefits of migration by at least USD 35 billion based on a number of case examples. The report shows how data enables policymakers to protect migrants in vulnerable situations, fill labour market shortages, improve integration, manage asylum procedures, ensure the humane return of migrants ordered to leave and increase remittances (to name only a few).

This report urges governments to put data at the centre of the debate on migration. It describes the value at stake across various dimensions of migration and provides guidance on where investments in data should be directed to deliver the most impactful outcomes. The time to invest in better migration data is now. In 2016, countries agreed to start negotiations, leading towards the adoption of a global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration in 2018. Just one year before, migration was included in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. As countries have joined together on a path towards increased cooperation and action on migration, investment in data will be crucial for its success.

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