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28 May 2020

The Montreal Recommendations on Recruitment: A Road Map towards Better Regulation

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This resource presents policymakers and regulators with practical guidance and ideas to improve regulation and oversight of international recruitment and protection of migrant workers. It covers a broad range of themes, including the following: (a) recruitment fees; (b) licensing and registration of labour recruiters; (c) inspections and enforcement; (d) access to grievance mechanisms and dispute resolution; (e) bilateral and multilateral mechanisms; and (f) migrant welfare and assistance. The guidance results from a global conference held in Montreal, Canada, that brought together leading experts and practitioners from more than 30 countries around the world. It reflects an important milestone in global efforts to promote ethical recruitment.

  • Introduction
  • 1. Protecting migrant workers through recruitment regulation
  • 2. Recruitment fees
  • 3. Registration and licensing
  • 4. Administration, inspections and enforcement
  • 5. Ratings, rewards and rankings: Incentivizing legal compliance
  • 6. Access to grievance mechanisms and dispute resolution
  • 7. Bilateral, regional and multilateral mechanisms
  • 8. Migrant welfare and assistance
  • 9. Maintaining the momentum on regulation
  • Relevant resources