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08 Oct 2015

Migration in Zimbabwe: A Country Profile 2009

Over the last decade Zimbabwe experienced socio-economic challenges that led to multiple and complex migration issues characterized by high levels of brain drain, cross-border mobility and irregular migration. With estimates ranging from half a million to around 4 million Zimbabweans abroad, and despite recognized immense development potential of migration, the capacity of the Government to harness the development potential of migration has been constrained by a lack of adequate data and analysis of migration related indicators. In addition to establishing the migration policy, regulatory and institutional framework for better management of migration, the Government of Zimbabwe with the assistance from IOM and other stakeholders developed  the first ever Zimbabwe Migration Profile in 2009. The Migration Profile is a repository of migration information and covers among other areas, the institutional, policy and legal framework of migration in Zimbabwe; immigration and emigration trends; irregular migration; circular migration; remittances and their development impact and migrant communities/diaspora. The Migration Profile is updated annually by the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) for strengthening evidence-based policy development to maximize the development potential of migration for Zimbabwe.

  • List of tables
  • List of figures
  • Acronyms
  • Foreword by Moffat Nyoni, Acting Director, General Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency
  • Executive Summary
  • Part A: Introduction
  • Part B: Socio-economic Context of Migration in Zimbabwe
  • Part C: Overview of Migration Trends and Statistics
  • Part D: Migration Management: Legal Regimes and Policies
  • Part E: Migration Challenges and Opportunities
  • Part F: Conclusion and Recommendations
  • References