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16 Sep 2020

Migration in West and North Africa and across the Mediterranean - Migration and Development Introduction

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The relationship between migration and development is complex. While rich regions tend to attract immigrants, the poorest regions are not those with the highest emigration. Indeed, individuals need to own a certain degree of resources to finance international migration and a certain level of education to access labour markets in countries of destination. The short-term impact of economic growth in poor areas is generally an increase in emigration (de Haas, 2007). Second, migration is a potential driver of development both in destination and origin countries. Migrants bring their productive contribution to the economy at destination. They remit money and ideas that are resources for families and communities in countries of origin. Moreover, social capital can be expanded through migration and transnational connections between places of origin and destination, connecting distant regions and communities. However, some questions arise with regard to migration in North and West Africa, and along the CMR.