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17 Oct 2015

Migration in Seychelles: A Country Profile 2013

Figures presented in this first Migration Profile for Seychelles demonstrate that international migration trends are rapidly changing in Seychelles, which could have an impact on the Seychelles socioeconomic profile. Statistical data are key tools for the knowledge of migration processes and the development of relevant evidence-based policies. Like in many other countries, despite its well-developed statistical systems, Seychelles lacks reliable and detailed statistics in the field of international migration. Producing and analyzing statistics on international migration flows of nationals and foreigners, and stocks of foreigners in country including their age and sex composition, countries of origin and duration of stay in or out of country should form a specific part of annual statistical programme. A more in-depth investigation of the currently available data sources and a better use of the administrative databases could help to narrow this data gap. The reliability of statistics depends on a critical confrontation of existing potential data sources. More information is clearly needed to characterize the increasing number of foreign immigrants in the country in parallel to the emigration of Seychellois. The Government of Seychelles would benefit by better understanding the nexus between the growing numbers of immigrants in the country in parallel with the migration of Seychellois.

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