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19 Oct 2015

Migration Policy Practice (Volume V, Number 1, February-March 2015)

The new issue of Migration Policy Practice focuses broadly on three main themes – public perceptions of migration, analysis of irregular migration and return trends, and measuring the impact of migration policies.

The first article, by IOM’s Deputy Director General Laura Thompson, focuses on how to address negative perceptions of migration. Laura Thomson’s article discusses the findings of recent research conducted by Gallup on behalf of IOM, which suggests that public attitudes to migration are more varied than is commonly realized. IOM’s Deputy Director General also outlines an action plan and a series of concrete measures that could be a taken to address anti-migrant sentiment and promote a more evidence-based discussion about migration.

In the second article, Stefanie Grant discusses the growing number of migrant deaths at sea in the Mediterranean region and around the world. Although this growing problem has attracted the attention of the world’s media and senior policymakers in Europe, little action has been taken to reduce the number of migrant fatalities.

In the third article, Jan Niessen discusses the development of indicators and indices which can be used to compare and assess migration policies and to make precise suggestions for improvements. The article describes the experience of the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) as well as the work undertaken for the European Commission and draws some lessons that may help assess the feasibility and define the scope of a global index on migration.

In the fourth article, Marie McAuliffe and Alex Parrinder discuss the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Irregular Migration Research Programme. An independent review of the research programme in 2014 found that the structures and relationships underscoring the research programme represent a “best practice” model, drawing upon both government and non-government migration expertise.

The last article, by Khalid Koser and Katie Kuschminder, is a rare example of a study on returnees participating in assisted voluntary research programmes based on extensive field research conducted in 15 countries around the world. A return and reintegration index was specifically developed for the study, which could be potentially replicated in other studies.

Migration Policy Practice is a bimonthly journal published jointly by IOM and Eurasylum Ltd. It only contributes articles from, and is overseen by, senior officials in government, EU institutions and international organizations, as well as civil society worldwide, working in the field of migration policy.

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  • Introduction by Solon Ardittis and Frank Laczko
  • Changing public perceptions of immigration by Laura Thompson
  • Migrant deaths at sea: Addressing the information deficit by Stefanie Grant
  • Producing and using indicators and indices in the migration policy field by Jan Niessen
  • Expanding the evidence base on irregular migration through research partnerships: Australia’s Irregular Migration Research Programme by Marie McAuliffe and Alex Parrinder
  • Key findings of comparative research on assisted voluntary return and reintegration of migrants by Khalid Koser and Katie Kuschminder
  • Publications
  • MPP Readers’ Survey