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07 Dec 2015

Migration Policy Issues No.1, March 2003

Defining Migration Priorities in an Interdependent World

The world's population is increasingly mobile. As the level of international migration rises, so does its impact on economic, social, cultural and political policies in most countries of the world. The phenomenon of international migration brings into play many sensitive issues of national security and identity, of social change and cultural adaptation, and of economic vitality and development. All of these questions represent important challenges to migration policy makers. The key is not to prevent or obstruct mobility but to better manage it.

The first issue of the series provides an overview of policy fields relevant to the comprehensive and effective management of migration.

  • What consitutes the migration "process"?
  • Dimensions of migration today: Labour migration, Irregular Migration, Migration and Security, Rights of Migrants, Health and Migration, Migration and Development
  • A comprehensive and cooperative migration management approach: Increase coordination among government agencies, Promote consistency and coherence of migration policies, Develop statistical information regarding migration, Strengthen international cooperation, Include all relevant actors in the policy-making process
  • IOM's role in managing migration.