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24 Sep 2015

Migration Management and Human Rights (Armenian)

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The study assesses the state of the arts of migration management in Armenia through the prism of migrants’ human rights.  

By representing the various aspects of international migration law and migrants’ rights that should be taken into consideration by the State and the society to manage migration, the study plays an important role in drawing the attention of the Government and the public to the gaps in migration management to be addressed in Armenia and the need to view the migrants as a separate group in terms of protection of their rights. Part One explores the interrelationships among migration, development and human rights in general and notes the instruments available for protecting international migrant rights. Part Two describes the current state of migrants’ rights in Armenia and examines how well migrants’ rights are reflected in Armenia’s migration policy.  The study includes statistics received from various sources.  

The publication “Migration Management and Human Rights” was initially prepared as a Chapter for the 2009 Armenia National Human Development Report entitled “Migration and Human Development: Opportunities and Challenges.”  The abridged version of the study is included in the UNDP 2009 Armenia NHDR.

  • Part One. Migration Management and Human Rights
    • 1.1.The Migration Management System: its Goal,
      • Objectives and General Structure
    • 1.2.Legislation on the Human Rights of Migrants
  • Part Two. Rights of Migrants in the Republic of Armenia   
    • 2.1. Migration Policy of the Republic of Armenia
    • 2.2. Administrative Organization of the Migration
      • Management System
    • 2.3. National Legislation on Migration
      • (a)  Human Rights
      • (b)  Citizenship
      • (c)  Immigration, Residency and Status of Foreigners
      • (d)  Irregular Migration
      • (e)  Work Permits
      • (f)  Asylum and Refugees
      • (g)  Identity Management and Data Protection
      • (h)  Labour Migration
      • (i) Return of Citizens and Readmission
      • (j)  Forced Labour, Trafficking and Smuggling
      • of Migrants
    • 2.4. Protection of Migrants’ Rights in Armenia
    • Conclusions and Recommendations
    • Appendix 1.  List of ILO Conventions Ratified by the
    • Republic of Armenia
    • Appendix 2. CIS Treaties related to migration.  CIS Model Laws related to migration. 
    • Appendix 3. United Nations Treaties
    • Appendix 4. Council of Europe Treaties related to migration
    • Appendix 5.  Readmission Agreements Signed by
    • the Republic of Armenia
    • Appendix 6. Armenian legislation related to Migration and
    • Human Rights

This publication has been issued without formal editing by the Publications Unit of IOM.