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15 Oct 2015

Migration - July 2008

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Published several times a year, Migration is an update on the Organization's activities and international migration policy issues. Migration is available in English, French and Spanish.

  • The Human Rights of Migrants – A Shared Responsibility
  • IOM Rushes Medical, Shelter Aid to Cyclone Nargis Survivors
  • Fearful Migrants Suffer Anti-Foreigner Violence in South Africa
  • Failed Migrants Look for a Way Out of Libya
  • Making Return a Success – Migrants’ Stories
  • Lost at Sea – Who Takes Care of Migrants in Danger?
  • A Happy Ending for an Unaccompanied Minor Returning Home to El Salvador
  • When Rescue is Not the End but a Beginning – Ghanaian Child Victims of Trafficking
  • Foreign Marriages: Love and Money in Asia – Vietnamese Brides in Korea
  • Cambodia Clamps Down on Foreign Marriages
  • Giving Voice to Migrants – the Political Way
  • The Quest for Solutions to Timor-Leste’s Land and Property Issues
  • Peace and Reconstruction in Aceh: Three Years On
  • A New Vision for Mexico’s Migration Policy
  • Brain Drain and Brain Gain – South Africa’s Response to a Health Care Crisis
  • Expat’s Expertise Benefits Senegal’s Urban Landscape