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15 Oct 2015

Migration - July 2007

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Published several times a year, Migration is an update on the Organization's activities and international migration policy issues. Migration is available in English, French and Spanish.

  • When Investment is Not Just About Economics
  • A Mosaic of Talent Receives Business Training
  • One Thousand Opportunities for the Land of the Thousand Hills
  • Dialogues with the Diasporas: Setting an Agenda for Development
  • Republic of Serbia –Remittances from Switzerland Help Alleviate Poverty in Rural Areas
  • Short-term Temporary Labour Migration Yields Long-term Results
  • Abbie Aryan Returns to Afghanistan
  • Manila’s Old City Hosts New Migration Library and Centre for Returning Migrants
  • Long Journey Home for Sudan’s Displaced
  • Return and Reintegration of Qualified Sudanese Programme: A Teacher’s Interview
  • Support for Economic Stabilization for Vulnerable Populations
  • IOM Eye Camps Restore Sight for Young and Old
  • An Irishman in New York: Irregular Irish Migrants in the United States
  • Indigenous Migrant Workers Begin Literacy Classes
  • Time to Act and Stop the Modern Slave Trade
  • Building Capacity and Raising Awareness on Human Trafficking in the Carribean Region
  • From the Burma Border to a New Day in Finland