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Migration Initiatives Appeal 2009

Migration Initiatives 2009 outlines IOM's planned activities for which financial support is needed. The 2009 appeal totals some 870 million US dollars for activities in nearly 400 locations. The appeal covers a range and diversity of projects as varied as migration itself. Labour migration, voluntary assisted return and reintegration, counter-trafficking, technical cooperation, migration and development, emergency operations, migration and health, policy consultation, research, and international migration law are among the areas covered.

The year 2009 will see both a continuation of efforts already initiated and fresh approaches. We foresee a more difficult environment of economic and financial instability, however, which will exacerbate the challenges of many to survive whether due to volatile prices for food and energy, environmental degradation and climate change, or other variables that affect poverty levels. As the international community works at rebuilding the economic system, there may be an unprecedented opportunity to find ways that migration can most effectively be managed to contribute to the solution. The crucial challenge is to ensure that the world is better equipped to manage that human component of globalization that consists of the many forms of human mobility. A principal task for IOM will remain that of helping governments develop the essential capacity to do so — as people move into and out of their countries for work, study, family unification, or refuge from harm.

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