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16 Nov 2015

Migration Initiatives 2016

Migration Initiatives is the main publication illustrating both the wide scope of IOM activities and the impact that the Organization aims to have in migration governance worldwide. For the first time ever, Migration Initiatives 2016 is structured around the Migration Governance Framework principles and objectives to provide a comprehensive look at what IOM stands for and its contribution to improved migration governance for sustainable development. Accompanying the overview of IOM planned actions for 2016, Migration Initiatives features a compilation of funding requirements per country, region and sector of activities. Migration Initiatives sums up IOM planned interventions for 2016 in a comprehensive, innovative and looking-forward manner and defines the Organization’s activities to promote well-governed migration for the benefit of all.

Download the funding requirements

  • IOM Global Response: Improved Migration Governance for Sustainable Development
  • Overview of Funding Requirements
  • Adhering to International Standards and Fulfilling Migrants’ Rights
  • Using Evidence and Whole-of-Government Approaches
  • Developing Strong Partnerships
  • Advancing the Socioeconomic Well-being of Migrants and Society
  • Addressing the Mobility Dimensions of Crises
  • Safe, Orderly and Dignified Migration
  • Technical Support - IOM Project Information and Management Application
  • List of Acronyms