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15 Dec 2015

Migration, Environment and Climate Change: Policy Brief Series Issue 10 | Vol. 1 | December 2015

This policy brief is the result of an interdisciplinary research workshop with academics and practitioners, held at Bielefeld University in Germany on November 2014, in cooperation with COST Action IS1011 on Climate Change and Migration. The Bielefeld Consultation identified the need to raise awareness of the challenges of planned relocation as an adaptive strategy to climate change or as a consequence of climate policies. Acknowledging the risks and failures of planned relocation, the Consultation suggests principals and precautionary measures to ensure climate justice. And as a result of the Consultation, non-conclusive list of minimum standards for planned relocation are put forward for the consideration of policymakers and practitioners engaged in climate change adaptation and mitigation. 

  • Threats to livelihoods and human rights
  • Who is affected?
  • Types of climate-related planned relocation
  • Weak policy and governance framework
  • Non-conclusive list of minimum safeguards